Judge Frees Gang Member, No Bail Released After NYPD Death Threat

Posted By Urban News Hour | December 24, 2014

A New York Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson releases Devon Coley 18, a Brooklyn gang-banging teen on a no bail release for posting a threating photo on the internet just two days after the slaying of 2 NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were gun down to revenge the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Coley is a member of the ATC (Addicted to Cash Crew)/180HII Crew gang, who faces seven years behind bars on terrorist threats after posting a threatening photo of a gunman firing into a police cruiser, on his Facebook with a phrase “73Nextt” alongside a cartoon depiction of a disembodied arm holding a gun to a police officer’s head within hours of the execution of Ramos and Liu. The message indicates a reference to the 73rd Precinct that covers Coley’s Brownsville neighborhood.

Sources are saying that Coley confessed to the threat, but he also insisted that he reposted the image that he had seen from elsewhere online.  Coley said that he felt “bad” and “sorry” after reposting the photo afterward.

A neighbor described Coley, as “no good”, and said that “Young men like him think that kind of thing is justified.” During his arraignment, Coley’s court-appointed lawyer, Daniel Ades described him as a mere “knucklehead” who didn’t intend to make good on his threat.

The judge ignored the prosecutions plea to keep Coley behind bars. “She should resign from the bench,” said Dennis Quirk, head of the state court officers union. “She’s not fit to be a judge.”

However, according to former legal aid Johnson, the judge acknowledged that the posts were “stupid” and an “incredible inflammatory thing to do right now,” and added, “I think that for me to set bail because of the current climate — it would be a misuse of bail.”

Coley is currently out on a $250,000 bail, and awaits trial on two unrelated cases that involves assault and gun possession.


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